A CIDA Event
New Regulatory Developments
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On the 24 September 2010 CIDA hosted an important presentation during a luncheon at The Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Yolanda McCoy, Head of Investments and Securities at CIMA opened the proceedings .
Guest Speakers presented on the following topics:
I               Regulation of Systemic Risk
                                The New Regulatory Agency
                                Scope of Systemic Risk Regulation
                                Reporting Requirements
                                Prudential Regulation
                                Dissolution Provisions
                                Restrictions on Banking Activities
II             Expanded Regulation of Private Investment Fund Managers
                                Elimination of Private Adviser Exemption
                                Exceptions for Foreign Advisers, Venture Capital Funds and Others
                                Reporting and Recordkeeping for Systemic Risk Management
                                New Bifurcation of federal and state regulation
                                Impact of the Volcker Rule
                                Changes to Private Placement Criteria
III            Reforms for the Asset-Backed Securitization Market
                                Sponsors and Originators
                                Rating Agencies
                                Increased Transparency
IV            Regulation of Swap Markets
                                Mandatory Clearing of Swap Transactions
                                Treatment of Commercial End Users
                                Regulation of Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants
                                Reporting Requirements and Prudential Standards
Ritz Carlton
Grand Cayman
24 September 2010
Lunch 12.00 to 2.00 pm
With special guest speakers:
Irwin Latner, Partner, Hedge Fund Group
Herrick Feinstein LLP,
New York City, NY
Patrick Sweeney, Partner
Herrick Feinstein LLP,
New York City, NY
Jon Fowler, Partner,
Head of Funds,
Maples and Calder,
Grand Cayman,
Cayman Islands